About us

We the “ETCO AUTO PARTS” are one of the most active Importer, Whole Seller, Distributer and Brokerage.
ETCO branded parts are manufactured by the best and famous A class manufacturers who are all OEM parts producer who are manufacturing part for Cars makers and are guaranteed for specified mailage for different part.  
This is a family business which we have been involving since as long as we remember and have experienced American, European, Japanese vehicles but with respect to our customer request we have diverted our activities to Peugeot and Kia auto parts since 1998 years , due to our old hand in this business we have devoted all our ability to obtain the best quality products for our customer satisfaction which has brink us up to today position which every consumer trusting ETCO products and we are enjoying our brand’s reputation.  
Etco have three branches with best facilities in different part of the world and are fully prepared to offer any type of business and services.